Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Today we went on a road trip to Bahrain.We traveled through the bridge that connects Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.Fortunately we reside close to  the area  where the bridge is.We were already late when we left home and reached our destination by lunchtime.

As soon as we reached the city centre,the children said that they were hungry.We decided to first satisfy the hungry bellies before proceeding further.Each one of us ordered different type of food  from the food court in the  mall where we were visiting.While waiting for the food to be served, a large bill board caught our attention.An advertisement which  deemed fit... 

After having our meals,we leisurely walked  around the mall.We did some window shopping too. And by evening it was time to watch a movie at the theatre.The boys wanted to watch Spy Kids 4. But my daughters didn't want to watch it.No amount of cajoling made them give in .However after a  debate , my teenage daughters agreed to watch the movie too.
                                Children's dress boutique enhanced with display mannequins 
                                       Beautiful costume jewelry

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