Monday, September 19, 2011

Nose Bleed

Today my ten year old didn't go to school.-The reason..He was having nose bleeds on and off.I thought that he had gotten over this completely.For the last three years he has been experiencing this,which happens  so suddenly at unexpected times,whether playing,eating or having a shower. At the beginning it was so scary to see so much of bleeding from the tiny nostril.His doctor has however reassured us that nose bleed in children is a common occurrence during harsh weather conditions.Everytime his nose bleeds,(which is once a month or several times a month)I take the advice given by the Doctor,to stop the bleeding.I make him bend over and get him to pinch the nostril and there after apply a lubricant,But then it happens all over again...Despite this, he is hale and hearty...I am just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this...

picture :courtesy -internet

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