Friday, September 9, 2011

Foods For Moods

Foods For Moods.Yes you got it right? Well before you can speculate or wonder what I am trying to say, I'll tell you what the topic is about. It's the latest addition to my book cupboard.I am  in awe reading this book, which relates to food and what it does to make our hormones do the things that they do. Certain foods mentioned here in this book really helps keep our body intact and away from harm and yet some other foods  bring about some sort of a chaos within our body. There is detailed information about beneficial nutrients found in certain foods that can actually help certain health disorders. And most significantly it alerts us which  food we eat and drink pave the way for a mega stressful life. The most surprising news that made me gape is about a  couple of facts I learnt about two food items: chocolate and celery,which I thought  were just incredible,but true according to the source of the book. Chocolate acts like a stimulant. When a person is addicted to chocolates it gives rise to depression of withdrawal when it is not available. And on the other hand when celery is eaten a kind of chemical is excreted in the perspiration and when released, the odour is irresistible.

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