Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spectacular Fireworks

Every year during the Eid festival holidays,we take the children to the park which is along the Khobar corniche,to watch the fireworks that is displayed in a grand scale.A throng gather this area to watch this fireworks which is a part of the festival celebrations.Unfortunately this time we couldn't take them as we had some friends visiting home.However we got the opportunity to witness  the event right from home.It was after a while when the guests had left that we heard loud bangs.The sons got excited .My husband said that we might be able to watch the fire display from our rooftop.So armed with my weapon-the digital camera,we all raced up the stairway and onto the rooftop.The children were really amazed to actually see it in the night  sky right from where they stood.It was spectacular! 

This particular one is really beautiful .I zoomed the camera to click this picture.Don't you think it looks like a cluster of tiny balloons.

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