Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Free Gift

As promised ,my husband and I took the boys to the toy store for being in their best behavior this holy month of fasting.Obviously there were many latest attractions displayed in the toy store as the countdown to  the Ramadan festival is drawing closer.My children were very keen about a particular toy  that worked on a remote control..It was a toy flying helicopter.They were both thrilled when the store salesman demonstrated how it functioned.This worked well both indoors and outdoors.It was fascinating to see it swirling higher and higher with just a push of a button.Watching my sons ,I knew how badly they wanted it.As both of them were not willing  to share ,we had to buy two, with a slight difference in the prices.As we were about to pay  for the toys at the  checkout, we got a surprising news .There was an ongoing promotional sales in the store and whoever bought two items got to choose a third item for free. Upon hearing this, my sons dashed to the section where toys that worked on remote control were showcased.They chose a robot as their free gift which was valued at $25.Returning home with their hands full,they were beaming with joy.

                                         The free gift

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