Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An Appointment With The Dentist

The clock was ticking quite fast ,so was my heart beat.I was wondering if those seated near me heard the pit-a-pat too.My appointment with the dentist was approaching fast. As I sat there waiting for my turn ,all tensed up ,I remembered comforting my young son, who, a few months ago , was about to get his decayed tooth removed.Since he did nt know anything about tooth extraction or what the dentist was going to do with his tooth, he was not at all upset or scared .It was me, who was fidgeting that day,throughout the procedure.When I saw him after the extraction,I gave him, an affectionate cuddle and said what a brave boy he was!
How surprising it would  be! if I too, was just like my son,who walked ,without a care in the world ,when the nurse called for him.
I knew I couldn't muster any courage when I saw those dental equipments..Pliers and tongs!!!Oh God! Then I heard my son say 'Dad Is n't she brave??

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