Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mosquito Menace

This Summer vacation is going to be very tough.Since we will be traveling to our holiday home, a destination in the Asian sub continent ,we are preparing ourselves in taking all precautions in case we have to face a battle with the mosquitoes. We will be taking extra safety measures so as to prevent any unfavourable situations. Mosquitoes are said to be active during the day.And that’s the time they usually bite.It is always good to take necessary actions to prevent them from stinging .I wouldn’t want to spoil my summer vacation due to this mosquito menace. Armed with a diversity of knowledge on how to eliminate the breeding places of mosquitoes, I plan to put them into practice, during our one month stay in our holiday home.

These are some preventative measures to be taken to eliminate the breeding places of these dangerous insects.

Mosquitoes breed in still or stagnant water. Do away with possible breeding places where water gets collected , like tin cans, blocked guttering, and old tires. Clear any flower pots and containers that can hold water.

Make periodic checks of the water in flower pots and plant containers. If mosquito larvae are seen, change the water.

Fill all tree holes with sand or mortar, or drain them.

Place tight covers over septic tanks, barrels and tubs where water is stored.

Drain stagnant pools, puddles, ditches, or fill with sand swampy places around the home.


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