Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Little Bit Of This And That

We have been experiencing a voltage drop in the electrical circuit, the last couple of days.And everything came to a standstill.It was kind of strange when the lightings in the house became dim all of a sudden. Certain electrical appliances were functioning despite the low voltage.At first we thought there was an electrical blackout in our power supply and did everything possible to make it right.Only when My husband went outdoors did we get to know that the whole neighbouring area was having similar issues.We could n't do anything except wait for the technician from the power Company to arrive and restore power .In the meantime I had a time moving my frozen food from the kitchen refrigerator to the one in the pantry which was working.Luckily the pudding I had made earlier had already set,so the children had something cool to nibble on .However we had run out of cool beverages and everyone in the house became very fidgety.With only a partial of power functioning,the whole house was feeling very warm .I tried to make some cool conversation with the children ,who were now becoming restless.We were trying to get  some torches and candles just in case we had a complete outage.Thank God that didn't happen ,The voltage level has increased  a bit and here I am back online.

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