Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homeless Boy Wins The Heart of Many

I have never subscribed to the newsletter ‘An inspiration from God ‘ but someone did. And I receive mails from them .And for some reason or the other I have not unsubscribed myself from their mailing list either, so I keep getting mails on and off from that site.To day as usual, I went through my emails before  starting to work on my other online tasks. My eyes hurriedly wondered here and there and at random , at all the e-mail titles and something made me stop and stare at this particular one titled ‘Homeless Boy steals the show’.( which was sent by the website An inspiration from God). I thought I'll  read through this, no matter what.Deleting all the unnecessary ones, I ventured into this You -tube clipping, not knowing what I was going to expect. Boy! Am I not glad I made avail of this opportunity .It is unbelievable .You got to see to believe this. A homeless boy with an emotion tale ,ended up being cheered and applauded by the crowd ,watching him sing. It’s amazing; he has such a powerful voice and has had no formal training in singing or music .He kept the audience and the judges mesmerized with his vocal cords. By the end of the clipping my eyes were brimming with tears. He was singing Nell Fantasia ,an Italian opera. But even with the language barrier, I appreciated the singing. Music has no language, it is universe.It was truly an inspiration from God .The announcers of the show ,rightly said, that once the show is aired he wouldn’t be alone anymore,he would have millions of fans from around the world.Yes ! How True was that! I just became one.

I wanted to know the meaning of the song he was singing And this is what I found on the internet Here is (the lyrics in English).

In my fantasy I see a fair world,
Where everyone lives in peace and honesty.
I dream of a place to live that is always free,
Like a cloud that floats,
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.
In my fantasy I see a bright world.
I dream of spirits that are always free,
Liike the cloud that floats.
In my fantasy exists a warm wind,
that breathes into the city, like a friend.
I dream of souls that are always free,
Like the cloud that floats,
Full of humanity in the depths of the soul.


  1. Hi! I first saw this video linked to by a friend on facebook. So nice. =) You can see from the looks on the judges' faces that they didn't quite expect that voice from him. Very beautiful. Somehow, everything about this can bring tears to your eyes - from his story, his voice, the music, and now seeing the lyrics, even that. Thanks for sharing! =)