Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heat Exhaustion In Summer

Now that summer has arrived ,children should avoid going outdoors to play during the peak time.When children are exposed to the sun for a long period, they could end up getting sick.Playing overactively in the sun could lead children to heat exhaustion.Thus resulting in heat strokes or sunstrokes.A child who has heat exhaustion  due to being out in the sun for long,will feel weak and dizzy.She may have heat cramps in the legs and will definitely look pale.She will also have a high temperature.In most severe case the child could faint or collapse.Parents should always take extra care when sending their kids to school in Private school vans.Last week we got a circular from our children's school that due to the extreme weather conditions, the school will be closing an hour and a half earlier than the usual time. And by next week school will be closed for the Summer holidays.I still cannot forget the incident which happened last summer to a six year old, who was attending the same school as my children.She was locked up in the van for five hours and later died on admission to the hospital.This was a tragic incident and for months I couldn't get over it.So this Summer the school has sent severe warnings to all the school drivers to be extra vigilant in taking care of the school children when shuttling them back and forth.

My Children having a dip in the pool just before the fiery hot ball of fire( sun) came out.This was taken in a holiday retreat, during our last Summer holidays.

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  1. I can't believe a parent would intentionally harm their own child but what thinking goes into leaving a child locked in a car? This story breaks my heart. Poor little thing.

    Being in the pool is much much better :)