Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bags Are Packed

Today  the whole family was busy packing the bags in preparation for our summer vacation .We will be flying home next week .The children are already excited and was very helpful.This time they wanted to select the clothing they wanted to pack.Since the weather is going to be warm in the home destination,I suggested they fold and arrange neatly  some cotton clothing into the bags.While packing ,we realized that a few of the clothes that we purchased last year ,did n’t fit them now.How time flies! They have grown by a few inches this year. Hence I promised the boys that we will do some shopping for new clothes when we get  home.We also became conscious that within a year a lot of changes had taken place. Besides the clothes I packed  an important item :my notebook with all the passwords of the sites that I browse daily.If there is good internet connection  while holidaying ,I will definitely be visiting all my favourite sites and  blogs.A note to my entre card- droppers ,I will try my best to keep dropping, but all depends on the speed and efficiency of the internet services  in my home country.

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