Monday, May 16, 2011

Scream! Scream!

It was  not Halloween or any  fancy dress party but our  ten year old was having plans  to scare the hell out of my hubby and me.First he had this scary mask placed on our bed.( he even took the picture with the help of the older sister, before trying to scare us.)..Did I get scared? Well I got nauseated seeing something like this on the  bed.

Before I had a chance to tell my Hubby about this, my son quickly took it away.I was wondering what he was going to do next.My husband came home from office and as usually  had a wash and looked for something clean to wear.And guess what he saw when he opened his cupboard!!

Though my son is ten years , he always comes up with  something to keep the whole family entertained. This one ,how-so- much horrified it seemed  at first glance,didnt stop us from reeling with laughter.

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