Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If letter Holder Has No Value Change It

Besides subjects like Mathematics,English and Environmental Studies , my son learns a subject called SUPW-Socially Useful Productive Work,where he and the others in class are taught to create something out of materials provided to them .Today , my ten- year- old  brought this home-a letter holder.He made this with  a jute like cloth material which was given in class and by following the teachers instructions.I have hung it to the living room door.It looks so pretty.As this is a letter holder, I was wondering  what I was going to fill the compartments with..As you know with the advent of the email system all the mails sent to me are neatly filed  in my inbox so if it is n't useful for my cyber  mails, I decided to convert it into something else.Every fortnight or so, the children bring home from school, some sort of a circular, either a permission slip ,the class test portion paper or a circular for parent-teachers day. Many times, I have had  mis placed those chits because I keep forgetting  where I had put them in the first place. Hitherto, I have decided that this hanger is the appropriate thing to keep the  circulars intact.

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