Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Is Back..Thank God!

What Did I do when Blogger experienced an outage..My whole schedule got disrupted too.I always find my way into reading contents on blogosphere through my blogger dashboard.And when the service was interrupted I didn't know what to do.I still  managed to read some  blog posts by going through google search.But what I missed earlier today was my' blogging  time' ,which is the morning hours when everything is quiet around me.That's the time I do a lot of browsing,surfing and visiting my favourites in  blogosphere.Thank God ! The service is back again and thus letting me go back to my usual schedules.


  1. I so feel for you! My recent posts can't also be found! I hope this never happens again! Happy Weekend! ;-D Dropping by the EC Love, and I also love reading your posts! They're truly inspiring! Keep the Faith! ;-D Best Regards!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your EC credits gift offers, I'm working on in with Entrecard. I'll let you know...;D