Sunday, April 3, 2011

Technology Comes Between Friends

Gone are the days..When anything was said , nothing was misunderstood..Friends shared great days together, laughed and wiped each others tears.During the  bygone adolescent years , when one hurt each other, it was  forgotten the next minute and they wrote endless apology notes to be friends all over again..But now with  technology available at the tip of your fingers, more enemies are being created with the push of a button. Everyone   and everything  seems to be in  disorder. With the texting and messaging system everyone seems to have been caught into some kind of a tangled web..You text something across to friends  ,maybe a self-improvement message that you also got via text message. Lo and behold !you are misinterpreted. And  imagine! the friend you forward it too, will never again answer your calls or your texts messages. I wonder what happened to the phrasing ‘Friends are the most prized possessions’. Lets  Learn to communicate more  effectively in person, so  there  will be no more misunderstandings between friends.

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