Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teaching Language

I am a mother who loves reading and writing besides the routine culinary.I love scribbling little notes,in verse form to teach my children different aspects through this mode. Children play a vital role in our society and they are a precious asset to  family. I started reading poems, written by other poets, to my four young children to help them get motivated to read and write. I find poems-employing simple and uncomplicated expressions-make it easier for children to grasp the meaning. Thus I write little verses, using simple vocabulary, to a very limited audience, my children. I wrote this poem Autumn ( I consider this as poetry, perhaps you may disagree) using descriptive expressions to describe the essence of autumn. My children can now imagine autumn and picture it vividly, though they have never seen it in real life. Over this part of the world ,leaves are green or brown, dried and withered .And there are no red leaves during fall.And we have never actually seen a red Autumn leaf. So I like to compare Children to Autumn leaves , happy, vibrant and carefree. They remain golden.
I started to write little notes on everything personal and consequently it became  my  hobby. Writing little notes  does not necessarily mean I use rich vocabulary because  I pen these  for my special ‘little’ people, with an intention to get them absorbed in whatever they read.By writing in simple language will help them grasp and learn to understand language right from the beginning. Language is easily grasped when perceived through their tiny minds. Rather than an adult reading it to them and explaining the meaning, according to the adult’s perception. 

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