Thursday, April 21, 2011

Taking Pictures With A Digital Camera

The pictures that I upload in my blog are taken with a digital camera.My Husband bought our  digital camera way  back in 2004. But I was not eager to learn anything about it,as I knew I could  totally depend on hubby to be the photographer on important occasions. It was only  when I started to blog that I began to  develop a  great sense of enthusiasm to learn how to handle the gizmo. I love taking pictures at random.Very recently I have taken a keen interest in  taking photographs of the special dishes I make at home. Having a digital camera is very handy.It’s so  convenient to upload the pictures from the digital camera into my computer and  use the pictures for my blogging purposes. Now that I have learnt the tactics on how to operate the camera, it’s so funny when I focus it on my children and click pictures off guard.

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