Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I suppose  I should still continue recounting  our Spring break activities.It took me by surprise when I found my oldest daughter, who just finished her class 12th Board exams,had  finally decided to do a  complete and a thorough cleaning of her room. During her exams ,she had all her subject pass  papers and books strewn all over, and wouldn’t let me clean her room  or for that matter  touch anything there.  The book shelf ,where she kept her favourite  fictions, was in a total mess. I constantly kept reminding her about the untidiness and all I got was ‘Don’t worry Mom, I ‘m going to clean it soon’.Eventually I gave up niggling her and decided to wait till her exams were over.The other day ,it took me a while to gather my patience and to see for myself why my other children  were  making a big noise , which was more like ‘delightful scream’s .Wondering  what  the whole clamor  was about ,I entered my daughter's room .Wasn’t I surprised! . I was so glad ,  she had beyond doubt kept her promise .The earlier unkempt room was  now spotless and neat. She had even hung up a hand-made frame ,with my favourite poem  on it .And that made me smile!

Click the picture to read the poem

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