Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She Comes With A Bagful Of Golden Coins

Santa and the Tooth Fairy may be poles apart but these are two invented personalities that children all over the world wait to meet.Like  with Santa, to whom the children write letters to get them their favourite toys for Christmas, Children believe that  the Tooth Fairy compensates them  with money for their   broken milk tooth  left  under their pillows .This belief has been passed down from generations and many interesting episodes have thus been  instigated .My children, all four of them,   passed through this stage waiting for the Tooth Fairy and her bag of golden coins.Now that  two of them  are  older ,they have a hearty laugh whenever they are reminded but never fail to  convince their younger siblings to get ready do the honors, of welcoming the Tooth Fairy, whenever they have a broken milk tooth. Here are some funny cartoons related to the Tooth Fairy.

 Picture source -The internet

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