Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look Who's My Best Friend

Do you have a precinct in your home , you call it your own. A place you  run to, whenever  you feel like you have to get away from the anxiety that is mounting  in you. Or do you have a special something , like a friend  you trust and lean on to. I do.I run to this confidential area, whenever I want to express my endless thoughts, narrate tid bits  that had taken place during the course of the day or simply want to share my feelings. On many occasions I have shared with this confidant, my joys and my sorrows.,my laughter and my tears. With my confidant I can rant, rave  and be angry. At times, I even shred into pieces   some of her softness .Yet  she stays humbled  at all times. Am I not glad I have someone like her to trust and pour my heart out.

My trustworthy  best friend-the note book

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