Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Cooked Delicacies

I love to cook.And I cook most of the week.  This is what I do , as a  housewife and a stay- at- home- mom. That’s my mode. Since I am at home most of the time ,I like to try out different recipes,to satisfy the taste buds of my family.As Asians from the sub continent ,we love eating home cooked meals. A typical breakfast for my daughters, hubby and I, during the weekend, would be toast bread ,omelettes with a lot of onions, chilly flakes and tomatoes. The sons prefer to eat “French toast’. For the Mid day meal, I make white or yellow rice,( good when eaten piping hot), A chicken or lamb curry,curried vegetables, whatever I can find in the refrigerater. And a lot of  salad. Before preparing dinner, I usually  ask my children what they’d like to eat and typical of them to come out with a variety.But by that time I am so exhausted that I tell my husband to bring some ‘Take away”.Yet at other times,for dinner, we buy the Arabian Flat bread and eat with some home cooked chicken curry. Having said that, I love to make  delicious food for my guests too, especially during festive season. I try to make my most specialty dishes and let them savour the goodness of my home food.. And with all this, how do you think I manage time ? Don’t  ask me Please!  I somehow   squeeze a little time for myself too.  

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  1. Hi! Those look delicious! Hungry now! ;-) Your blog theme is inspiring! Keep the faith! :-) ...following you now!