Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cyber Etiquette

With the advent of the email system, sending mails to friends and family have got very much easier. However there are certain kind of messages one must not send on emails.It doesn't necessarily mean that every email  forwards  you get, how so much impressive or  inspiring it may seem to you, that you too should forward it  to everyone on your contact list. Despite the fact that it may sound perfect to you ,the person at the other end may get offended and your inbox will get discontented responses.It's an unpleasant idea to forward someone with mail that is not significant or if know your friend is least interested in that sort of mails. Email chain letters started as paper letters.Those days we never sent back those paper letters ,which we received  via snail mail  to eight people  or so,to get good fortune.We simply threw them into the bin .Similarly don’t press the forward button when a striking  or exciting mail sits in your inbox .Just push the delete button and let it go into the thrash where it belongs.

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