Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back To School

The school’s  new academic year   started today.The children happily went to school with new books and bags.I am sure up to the first week ,they will write neatly and keep the books in good condition. Thereafter, there’s going to be scribbles and ink blots all over the pages and the covers. We had purchased the books for their  new classes a week ago and I was very busy wrapping the books in brown paper.This is a rule we got to abide.All the text books and the note books should be neatly covered in brown wrapping paper before sending it to school.I was  fascinated with the books and was a bit hesitant to hide the beautiful designs and pictures illustrated in  some of the books with brown wrapping paper.I thought they didn’t need any wrapping as  they looked too good with the designs embedded on the books itself and by covering, the beauty of the picture is completely lost.

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