Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The sky changed its' colour
from blue to a smokey gray.
Trees swayed to and fro
to the wind's gentle beat.
Withered leaves fell off
one by one,that piled up,
soft like a cushion.

Birds flew high in plenty,
There was commotion in the air,
It seemed they were going home
to their loved ones,
after a hard day was done.

When darkness crept slowly,
the stars began to twinkle
and the moon peeped in.
I stood in awe,still bemused,
as I watched the heavenly skies
draw the blinds,
for all on earth to sleep.
I couldn't be much happier,
without all of these.

While admiring nature
in her stillness,
I heard the baby coo,
He looked a cute cherub,
in his pyjama blue.
He blinked his sleepy eyes and yawned,
with his tiny mouth opened wide.
As if to say "Goodnight",
With all of his might.

From my poetry collection

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