Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Impact Of Mobile Phones

The increased use of mobile phones has brought about serious concern of possible health hazards.
Do you know how serious  your health could be affected by the  impact of cell phone radiation.
Here are some  of the brunt you will have to bear using the mobile phone  for  a  considerate time. Fatigue, headaches, loss of sleep, memory loss, ringing ears and joint pains.

Make use of these  tips which can considerably reduce the radiation and health risks.
Use the phone further away from your body.Using a hand-free set is the easiest way to drastically reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to when using a mobile phone.
The radiation you are exposed to is directly related to the time you spend talking on the mobile phone. For linger calls it is safer and cheaper to use the landline.

Some places to avoid when using the mobile phone
Don’t use the phone while driving
Don’t use near area with a  lot of  electrical equipment- like hospitals, aircraft
Don’t use with wet hands or while in a shower
Don’t let little children talk for longer periods. They are more vulnerable than adult

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