Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How We spent Our Spare Time In Our Days

Growing up in the 70s and 80s ,we found many  ways to keep ourselves occupied during our spare time.Every opportunity we got , we would spend our time outdoors even if it was just a walk around the garden.Always in anticipation for  some exciting things to happen,friends and neighbours would gather at a particular spot to discuss the days events.We even  loved playing marbles  outdoors.We loved to  skip rope, where  each end of the rope would be  held by two others, who would be counting 1…2…3 till they ran out of breathe.If we didn’t have anything to do ,as mischievous as we were, we would be  chasing the cat around the house..We would wait for the rain to fall, to make paperboats and let them sail through the garden drains. How much are the present generation  missing? Most of them today ,don’t make use of their spare time for something constructive. They are always couped up in the room with their soul mate –the computer.They are much happier playing online games and meeting virtual friends.Even my children prefer to play a lot of indoor games but  we try to take them for outdoor activities as much as possible. What a lot of interesting  outdoor activities the present age children are missing..

Speedway' an indoor game played by my young sons

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