Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chocolate -A Stimulant


I was reading an interesting book on ‘How to control your moods with food, when I came across an unbelievable fact regarding chocolates.Chocolates which is loved by both the young and the old is actually considered a drug. Centuries ago people had actually used it as a stimulant .And also when someone is experiencing a sad period after a breakup of a relationship, they go binging on chocolates.An increased ingestion of phenylalanine( chocolate contains this) may aggravate higher brain levels of endorphins and therefore  shrink the  feeling of pain.And  that may be the  reason that phenylalanine could be used as a type of natural painkiller or antidepressant. Consequently chocolate may be considered a drug and like all drugs can  establish ‘addiction’ if taken too often. And mount to depression of withdrawal when it is not available.
Here is an interesting piece of information from the book itself ’Chocolates can be a powerful stimulant probably because the brain uses one of its chemicals, phenylalanine,to manufacture norepinephrine.So pleasant is the stimulation from chocolate that some people become addicted to it like a drug.Centuries ago,the Spanish government,under pressure from the church which disapproved of anyone being sitmulated banned chocolate because it claimed that that it was a drink of the devil’

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