Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Please Vote

Hello Readers, If you are reading this please take look at the  40 seconds  video titled colours of nature,which is on to your right.This video was  made by my daughter for a competition.Please cast your vote by clicking like.This means a lot and I thank you in advance.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Nutella Story

Nutella is celebrating 50 years of sweetness.Share your story and win a Nutella® gift-box!

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Submit your story here. My Nutella story

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An Extraordinary Eggplant

Recently my older son, accompanied my husband to the supermarket.Whilst there,something unusual caught his attention at the vegetable section.Grabbing my husband's iphone, he started clicking away the item of interest.It was beyond belief, when he recounted his interesting experience to the rest of the home crowd.Was n't he glad,when his Dad  showed them the clear and convincing evidence:the pictures which were  saved  on my husband's  iphone. Have you ever seen something like this anywhere recently?? A brinjal ( eggplant) with a long nose. Everyone agreed  when I jokingly said that  the  eggplant  could be  related to Pinnochio.( A Fairy tale fictional character - a wooden boy who had an extraordinary  long nose, and which kept growing whenever he lied.)

Seeing is believing

And this is Pinnochio..

Monday, December 23, 2013

Paper Dragon

Recently my son's school organized an exhibition and their whole class took part in a project .They were reconstructing  an era that was ruled by dinosaurs and dragons.My son  was highly excited about the whole theme as he is fascinated  about these fabulous species.He went through a few  books that enlightened him more about dragons  and was deeply engrossed browsing the internet to get more  information .And with the help of You Tube, he constructed these beautiful paper dragons for display at the exhibition.He  used orange and yellow  art paper and glue sticks to produce a lovely creation.I am glad that his tremendous efforts didn't go unnoticed, he was awarded a certificate in appreciation of his hard work.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things Happen For A Reason

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
-Rabindranath Tagore-

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Plantations

During our recent vacation to Sri Lanka we decided to visit a couple of tea plantations.It was an exciting and interesting excursion for the children.They had never been to a tea factory before and it was an awesome experience when they learnt the long and step by step process of making tea leaves that is used in  making our cuppa,the favourite beverage,we drink  at least twice a day everyday. 
We got the opportunity  to see how the leaves were picked and processed and sorted.Ceylon tea is famous world wide.The country is the world's fourth largest producer of tea and the  industry is the  topmost source of foreign exchange.
The humidity,cool temperatures and rainfall in the country's central highlands is responsible for an environment that favors the manufacture of high quality tea.The tea industry was  first introduced to the country by a British planter named  James Taylor. 

Tea Plantation

The Lush Greenery

A beautiful sight

The machinery at work -processing & sorting tea

Packed for export

Ready for sale 
We were able to taste a cup of tea before purchasing 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mother's Day Gift

Recently my daughter participated in a Mother's Day  competition  which was run by  a fan page on Face book and won a lovely basket of Dac house hold cleaners.The  participants had to make a card for their  Mothers  using the page's card application tab and share it with their Mothers  on Facebook.It came as a wonderful surprise when she won this  lovely basket of household cleaning  products and gifted it  me.As I am already a  Dac user it came in very useful to me.What a productive gift it was!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cartoons,Movies And Their Impact On Us

Many years ago,as a kid I loved cartoons and now years later I am compelled to sit  in front of the television with my children who are ardent fans of the animated world. I loved The Flintstones and still do.Interestingly, my children too love Fred and  company.My sons are more inclined toward cartoon stories where there is a super hero and is action packed.Cartoons like Dexter,Ben 10 and The Kids next door etc are some of their favourites and Dad too sits with them during the weekend and enjoy! They idolise their cartoon heroes so much that they incorporate them in their everyday activities.They love to see their animated friends integrated in their gifts, birthday cakes, cards, clothing  and books.They even attempt to draw them.

My son was  thrilled when I made him a birthday card with his
 favourite Ben Ten
On the other hand,I am dead scared of watching  horror movies.And I dont encourage my children too.I think my fear of horror movies  started long time ago when I read the hard cover of Amity ville,By the time I had finished  reading,I was shaking.So to get rid of the story which was was embedded  in my system,I started narrating the story to my other siblings.That whole night noboby could sleep well.Recently on a weekend,this movie was being  telecast but I didnt watch it,somehow simply seeimng the name all over again ,took me back to Amity Ville,the haunted house.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Marble Cake For My Son

Pat-a -cake ,Pat-a-cake,baker's man,Bake me a cake as fast as you can.Thanks to the readily available cake mixes,I was able to bake an  easy and a simple cake for my youngest son.

As promised ,I baked a marble cake for my son for his ninth birthday.I made two separate batters,  a mixture of vanilla and strawberry batter.Thanks to the instant cake mix, I was able to do accordingly.He loved it so did the rest of the family.I also made a few pastries, some chicken fries,and a milk shake.I even arranged some fruits in a platter to make the table presentable.Unfortunately my husband and couldn't taste the cake as we have refrained from eating sweet food due to our blood sugar.All in all I am glad everything went smoothly.He would have been happy to have shared  the cake with his classmates but couldn't do so because school had closed after the exams and will be reopened only in April..However  two of  his tutors  got the opportunity to enjoy his birthday cake

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On A Shopping Spree

In a couple of days ,my  youngest son will be Nine.He has already given me a list of things to do for his birthday.Besides the cake I am planning to make,he also wants some savouries made  to celebrate his birthday in style.I  promised him that I will fulfill his wishes.So the other day,my Husband and I went to the super market to get a few things that I will need to prepare the stuff.As usual I ended up purchasing more than what was needed.There was a promotional sale going on and I couldn't resist buying extra.Afterwards we proceeded to the IKEA store to see if  I could  buy a few items off the gift voucher that I had won earlier.I was so glad I was able to purchase a few useful household things and also got a new baking tray.My son is thrilled that I am going to bake his birthday cake in it. I also got a garlic press, a potato peeler and a lovely  clock for the newly painted wall in the computer room.I didn't expect to get so much for the voucher that I had won online.Anyway I am so thankful  that my efforts working  online did nt  go to  waste.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Recalling Canned Tunas

While going through my favourite health website, I came across an alarming alert which aroused my curiosity to read the article wholly.It states that two companies that sell Canned Tunas are recalling their brands due to the fact the cans may not be sealed properly.which could lead to contamination.Though no illnesses have been recorded ,the consumers have been advised to throw away the 5-ounce cans that they may have already purchased.

The recalled tuna products are:
Brunswick Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Water
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Water 
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk Light Tuna in Vegetable Oil
Bumble Bee Brand 5-ounce Chunk White Albacore in Water
Chicken of the Sea 5-ounce Chunk White Albacore Tuna in Water

For more details ,you can go to this website

Monday, February 11, 2013

An Act of Kindness

"Guard well within yourself that treasure,kindness.Know how to give without hesitation,how to lose without regret,how to acquire without meanness"

-George Sand-

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Busy At Home

I am back again blogging after a month of busy schedules.We had to remove off all the wires and shut the computers  due to  some painting work  in the house.The walls needed  brand new colours and the floor some pretty carpets.Actually,my husband and I had planned it for quite a long time but did n't find enough time for it.We got a few specialists in the field to do the job for us. Even though we did n't do it by ourselves,we are very happy with the outcome.I even replaced my marble kitchen  sink,which was more than 20 years old,with a lovely  stainless steel  one.I find that the new one so easy to clean.I am thoroughly happy that one part of the walls are  adorned with  a darker shade,which makes the room more spacious and cosy.The walls really needed a sassy look after the unlimited amount of  scribbles and drawings from my children,which they had coloured and decorated  the walls with ,when they were younger.I also went on a shopping spree and got myself,an electric mixer, a pancake  maker and a chappati maker.It was really a tedious job to make chappatis by hand but now I can make well rounded chappatis in a jiffy.I still have to make pancakes in the new device. Hoping to make some soon and delight the children.

My new  electric chappati  maker